Project Description

Kids Hairbrush Set With Hand Mirror B24

A professional Kids hairbrush set can be customized kids hairstyle, the more likely they are willing to brush their own hair.

Product Features:

  • Kids hairbrush set with hand mirror that makes kids love to brush their own hair!
  • Made of plastic and nylon bristles with soft ends.
  • Two part system that allows kids to easily brush through tough hair.
  • Gorgeous design with beautiful colors that kids love.

Item No.: B24

Size: A and B: 17*11*3.5CM, C: 17*11*0.5CM, D: 17*8*3.5CM , E: 17*7*3.5CM, F: 17*7*0.5CM

Brush Bristle: Plastic

Brush handle: Plastic

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